Transportation and logistics (T&L) companies are increasingly being pressed on prices from customers while at the same time freight contractors demand higher prices for their services. Consequently, the only way for T&L companies to grow profit is to automate existing processes and to implement real-time information interfaces.

The network of partners is changing so fast that traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration, cannot keep up with the pace of change or is simply too expensive to implement.


There is also a tendency in the industry that the larger companies demand that their customers must adhere to their EDI standards to do business with them. This put additional stress on the low to mid-size T&L companies and create many manual B2B processes.


To make things worse many partners partners will not supply a traditional EDI interface at all, but demand that all interaction with them is done on their B2B web portal.


Because of the above, T&L companies are faced with an increasing amount of manual “copy-paste” processes between internal systems, Excel documents and external partner portals.


SmartRPA has a long and strong experience in working with T&L companies to overcome these challenges, so that incompatible data formats and ever changing interface landscapes will not affect the operational cost and efficiency and additionally enable the delivery of real-time services to customers for tracking, pricing and ordering.

Example of Automated Processes

Customs Clearance

For each truck passing into a country the load must be registered on the country’s custom portal. This can be fully automated and your TMS will be updated in near real-time.

Tracking Synchronization

Whether you need to extract or deliver tracking information like pick-up, reload and delivery, you can automated this between your TMS and any external customers and supplier system or data format.

Deliver customers in-house tracking

Extract tracking information from the internal system and type it into a customer portal.


Bid on a freight by typing in quotes at a B2B freight market place portal.

Interface Any Customer Data Format

Synchronize customer information between legacy systems, Excel files and external partner portals. For example to automatically book orders into internal TMS when received on email in Excel format.

Ferry Booking

Automatically search for availability and buy ferry tickets.

A quick Return on Investment of 1-6 months can typically be expected.

Testimonial from large 3PL
“Applying SmartRPA Kapow to our most labour intensive manual data-driven processes in the different transport hubs, have demonstrated an overall cost saving of 4%, which is a high number in an industry that is considered quite lean.”

Close to one hundred T&L companies all over the world have implemented the SmartRPA Kapow/Kofax Kapow solution to quickly and cost-effectively automate manual data-driven processes resulting in cost savings and elimination of costly human errors.